KIPP Detroit Imani Academy is a tuition-free, open-enrollment, public charter school located on Detroit’s west side.

We believe children should be at the center of every decision we make.


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Our Values

  • Community
  • Agency
  • Restoration
  • Excellence

At KIPP Detroit Imani Academy, we CARE:

COMMUNITY: ”What I consider mine, I will build and nurture.” This school and what we create belong to all of us.

AGENCY: We believe deeply in a sense of agency. The families of Detroit are best positioned to dictate their future and bring it to fruition.
Our job is to nurture the inner gifts of every child that will help them create the future of their highest aspirations.

RESTORATION: We are restorative-minded. We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow; and know that by finding and repairing the root cause, we can be made better by the presenting obstacle in front of us.

EXCELLENCE: We possess an internal bar for excellence – our goal is to surpass ordinary standards and prove the possible.

Our Commitment

Our Team & Family wakes up every day dreaming audaciously on behalf of our scholars. We are driven by a steadfast belief that the best way to help change our world for the better is to help our scholars dictate their future.

Our promise to you is to create a rigorous standards-based educational program delivered in a nurturing, positive, and joyful learning environment that fosters a love of learning for all scholars.